Monday, June 24, 2013

My poor nails!

I know it's been awhile since I have had a full blog post and here's why:  My nails are SUPER split!

I've never had splits like this before, ever.  I think the last time I had acrylics done they just wrecked my nails.  I'm nearly grown out, but it will probably be another couple months before all the damage has had time to grow.  So I've still been doing them often just not photographing them.

That was until I did this pretty little mani....

Dragon Scales

It was really late when I finished them, and this pic doesn't do them justice, but I'm really happy about the results.  When I move my fingers little reflective hexagons shimmer at me.  

I used Illamasqua Baptiste for the base then stuck on little hexagon glequins that I recently got from Amazon.  

You can see on my middle finger a dip in my nail... well it's split way down into the quick.... so is my thumb...  this makes me a sad panda.  

Anyone have suggestions for how to prevent / treat this?  I switched to a glass file but it hasn't stopped it.

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