Polish List

Brand Color Collection Finish Untried
Barielle Aura Angora Cream
Cherimoya Neon Cherry Cream
Cherimoya Neon Orange Cream
Cherimoya Neon Yelloy Cream
Cherimoya Neon Green Cream
Cherimoya Retro Blue Cream
Cherimoya Neon Pink Cream
Cherimoya Neon Purple Cream
Cherimoya Lavendar Cream
Cherimoya Metallic Violet Chrome
Cherimoya Metallic Purple Chrome
Cherimoya Purple Cosmos Glitter
Cherimoya Elektra Doll Glitter
China Glaze Diva Bride Cream
China Glaze Sweet Hook Cream
China Glaze Tart-y for the Party Cream
China Glaze Spontaneous Cream
China Glaze Grape Pop Cream
China Glaze Creative Fantasy Jelly
China Glaze Shapeshifter Tranzitions
China Glaze Crimson Cream
China Glaze Flying Dragon (Neon) Glitter
China Glaze Limbo Bimbo Shimmer
China Glaze Reggae to Riches Shimmer
China Glaze Infa Red Holographic
China Glaze Awakining Duochrome
China Glaze Red Pearl Shimmer
China Glaze Ruby Pumps Glitter
China Glaze Shattered & Tattered Glitter
China Glaze Itty Bitty & Gritty Texture Cream
China Glaze Orange You Hot? Shimmer
China Glaze Japanese Koi (Neon) Cream
China Glaze Riviting Capitol Collection Glitter
China Glaze Harvest Moon Capitol Collection Glitter
China Glaze Electrify Capitol Collection Glitter
China Glaze Gold Fusion Magnetic
China Glaze Tarnished Gold Crackle
China Glaze White Cap Glitter
China Glaze White on White Cream
China Glaze Fairy Dust Glitter
China Glaze Celtic Sun Cream
China Glaze I'm with the Lifeguard Cream (shimmer?)
China Glaze Budding Romance Cream
China Glaze Zombie Zest Glitter
China Glaze Custom Kicks Cream
China Glaze Aquadelic Cream
China Glaze Sea Spray Shimmer
China Glaze Sexy in the City Shimmer
China Glaze Metallic Metamorphasis Tranzitions
China Glaze Liquid Leather Cream
China Glaze Sun Worshipper Cream Untried
China Glaze Pool Party Cream Untried
China Glaze Summer Rain Shimmer Untried
China Glaze Seduce Me Cream Untried
China Glaze Up All Night Shimmer Untried
China Glaze Unplugged Shimmer Untried
China Glaze 108 Degrees Shimmer Untried
China Glaze Hello Gorgeous! Glitter Untried
China Glaze Peachy Keen Cream Untried
China Glaze Trendsetter Cream Untried
China Glaze Heat Index Untried
China Glaze Highlight of my Summer Untried
China Glaze Untried
Chirality Katydid Holographic Untried
Chirality Mystery Color Holographic Untried
Chirality Raisin Gein Cereal Killer Collection #1 Glitter Untried
Chirality Special BTK Cereal Killer Collection #1 Glitter Untried
Chirality Bundy Berries Cereal Killer Collection #1 Glitter Untried
Chirality Dahmer Crunch Cereal Killer Collection #1 Glitter Untried
Ciate Pom Pom Cream
Ciate Knickerbockerglory Cream
Ciate Sand Dune Glitter
Ciate Fit for a Queen Glitter
Ciate Caviar Pearls - Jubilee Caviar
Ciate Caviar Pearls - Hologram Caviar
Ciate Caviar Pearls - Prom Queen Caviar
Ciate Caviar Pearls - Candy Shop Caviar
Confetti Pink Confetti Glitter
Deborah Lippmann P.Y.T. (pretty Young Thing) Jelly
Deborah Lippmann Million Dollar Mermaid Mermaid Collection Glitter
Deborah Lippmann Lady Sings the Blues Glitter
Elf #30114 Glitter
Essie Licorice Cream
Essie Pop art Pink jelly
Essie Forever Yummy Cream
Finger Paints Sketch & Etch Shimmer
Illamasqua Vice Cream
Illamasqua Baptiste Shimmer
Illamasqua Muse Cream
Illamasqua Viridian Shimmer
Illamasqua Rampage Cream
Illamasqua Radium Shimmer
Illamasqua Scorch Cream
Julep Oscar Glitter
Julep Julia Glitter
Julep Camile Glitter
Julep Kaylen Cream
L.A. Colors #52 Shimmer
L.A. Colors #23 Cream
L.A. Colors #51 Cream
L.A. Colors #33 Glitter
L.A. Colors #43 Shimmer
L.A. Colors #43 (again?) Glitter
L.A. Colors #41 Glitter
Layla Flash Black Holographic
Layla Mermaid Spell Holographic
Layla Jade Groove Holographic
Layla Metallic Sky Magnetic
Layla Golden Nugget Magnetic
Liquid Sky Lacquer My Squishy Jelly
Liquid Sky Lacquer Holo Top Coat Holographic
Liquid Sky Lacquer 5 Alarm Lacquer Glitter
Liquid Sky Lacquer Margaritaville Temp change holographic
Liquid Sky Lacquer Fuchsia Illusion Temp change holographic
Liquid Sky Lacquer Sugared Berries Holographic
Loreal Mango Mamma Jelly
Milani Twinkle Glitter
Nails Inc Stratford Chrome
Nails Inc Cheyne Walk Chrome
Nails Inc Sugar House Lane Glitter
Nails Inc Topping Lane Glitter
Nails Inc Disco Lane Holographic
Nails Inc Covent Garden Market Glitter
Nails Inc Soho Street Glitter
Nails Inc Mini Abbey Road Glitter
Nails Inc Mini Purple Glitter Glitter
Nails Inc Mini Stratford Chrome
Nars Orgasam Shimmer
Nicole Please Red-cycle Cream
Nicole A million Sparkles Glitter
Nina Ultra Pro Electric Slide Glitter
NYC Starry Silver Glitter Glitter
OPI Which is Witch Oz Collection Glitter
OPI Lights of Emeral City Oz Collection Glitter
OPI Significant other color Shimmer
OPI Hot & Spicy Cream
OPI San-tan-tonio Cream
OPI Glints of Glinda Oz Collection Crelly
OPI My Vampire is Buff Cream
OPI DS Mystery Glitter
OPI Lucerne-tainly look Marvelous Glitter
OPI What Wizardry is This? Oz Collection Texture Sand
OPI Jinx Texture Sand
OPI Black Shatter Crackle
OPI Silver Shatter Crackle
OPI White Shatter Crackle
OPI Black Spotted Spotted
OPI Mini blue Europe Collection Cream
OPI Mini Purple Europe Collection Cream
OPI Mini Pink Europe Collection Cream
OPI Mini Gold Europe Collection Glitter
OPI The Impossible Mariah Carey Texture Sand
OPI French Quarter for Your Thoughts Cream
Orly Glowstick Cream
Orly R.I.P Glitter
Orly Rock-It Glitter
Pure Ice Watch Me Go Glitter
Pure Ice Spitfire Glitter
Pure Ice Private Show Glitter
Pure Ice Keep Walking Glitter
Revlon Cobalt Chroma Chameleon Chrome
Revlon Amethyst Chroma Chameleon Chrome
Revlon Rose Gold Chroma Chameleon Chrome
Revlon Aquamarine Chroma Chameleon Chrome
Sally Hansen Lava Chrome
Sally Hansen Sunrise, Sunset Shimmer
Sephora Don't Feed the Hand Models Cream
Sephora Dance til Fawn Cream
Sephora Is she for Reel? Glitter
Sephora Never Enough Shoes Glitter
Sephora Teal we meet again Shimmer
Sephora Leaf him at the Alter Shimmer
Sephora Why Yellow There Cream
Sephora Techno Girl Cream
Sephora Charge It! Shimmer
Sinful Colors Pink Cream
Sinful Colors Call you Later Glitter
Spoiled Ants in my Pants Glitter
Spoiled My Saturn Broke Down Glitter
Spoiled Plastic Flamingo Cream
Spoiled I gotta Confection to make Glitter
Spoiled Shaken Snow Globe Glitter
Spoiled Jewelry Heist Glitter
Spoiled Pirate's Booty Glitter
Spoiled Correction Tape Cream
Spoiled Papa-paparazzi Glitter
Ulta Snow White Cream
Ulta Baby Doll Cream
Ulta Diva Glitter
Ulta Peach Parfait Cream
Ulta Taupe on a Rope Shimmer
Ulta Ultra Violet Femme Shimmer
Zoya Destiny Pixie Dust Texture Sand
Zoya Beatrix Pixie Dust Texture Sand
Zoya Solange Pixie Dust Texture Sand
Zoya Katherine Jelly
Zoya Paloma Jelly
Zoya Gilda Glitter
Zoya Nidhi Glitter
Zoya Charla Glitter
Zoya FeiFei Glitter
Zoya Daul Glitter
Zoya Neeka Glitter
Zoya Nimue Shimmer
Zoya Neely Cream
Zoya Carey Cream
Zoya Piaf Shimmer
Zoya Blaze Glitter
Zoya Codie Crelly
Zoya Portia Cream
Zoya Erika Shimmer
Zoya Sooki Cream

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